Growing Cannabis

Welcome to Learn how all about growing cannabis here.

I am your teacher Dude. My goal is to teach you step by step all about growing cannabis in this easy to follow guide.

Growing Cannabis can be fun and easy.

If you follow my advice and you will be on your way to growing healthy big buds in no time! I’m talking dank, sticky, dense, high thc, hich cbd and delicious pure baby fresh nugs you have ever seen!

What is the best part of growing your own cannabis? Answer: Everything!

Growing Cannabis is a natural thing, mother nature gives us this gift of a wonderful herb that has many medicinal properties. When you learn about growing cannabis yourself, you can save money and get a since of accomplishment at harvest time. There are so many strains of cannabis to grow and try that you will need to learn how to properly grow them with ease.

In my simple growing cannabis guide, I will show you how to grow cannabis indoors.

As well as the correct cannabis led grow lights, – tents, – pots, –  nutrients to use.  How to properly pH your babies and how to spot and prevent cannabis deficiencies!!

Growing cannabis indoors is a fun and rewarding hobby. The experience of buying cannabis seeds to the germination process all the way through to the final harvest is really exciting.

Though there are some challenges that can occur during your plants life cycle. I will guide you through everything you should expect and even some cool methods to increase your marijuana yields, also how to get more THC, and CBD out of your weed plants.

This website has all the tools and know how listed for you. All you have to do is follow my grow guide and you will achieve success!


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The Dude